Whether it is a director pitching on a commercial or a film - A production company pitching for a film, Television pilot, TVC or digital content - An advertising agency proposing a concept to client - An agency creating a brief to put out to tender, we are here to turn what is in your head into a beautifully presented, fully written and designed document.

We know that preparing treatments or presentation documents can be time-consuming, messy and inconvenient. We want to take this hassle from you and to form a silent partnership, wherein you bring us through your idea in full and hand it over to our team. Within a short space of time, our creatives will have taken your ideas and transformed them into a bespoke, stylish, comprehensively written treatment. It is also important to know that we are sensitive to your clients expectation and that nobody will ever know of our involvement at any level. We are an anonymous friend, a silent creative partner. We are The Silent Treatment.

Step: 1
A member of the TST creative team meets with you to discuss your creative endeavour. We will ask you to bring us through the project in detail and record the conversation on our Silent Treatment tablet app. We will then ask a series of questions concerning: The project, the tone, references, teams involved, influences, visuals, approach and product integration etc, depending on relevance. We would also ask at this stage that you send us all existing collateral on the project via e-mail, WeTransfer or Google Drive.

Step: 2
Our TST creative brings the recorded material back to our studio, where our team of experts get to work. Our writers begin to break down the recording and once they get a feel for the voice, begin transferring the ideas into first/third person prose. Meanwhile, our designers and artists begin gathering images necessary from mentioned references or works. Where appropriate, our storyboard artists begin crafting boards or scene illustrations.

Step: 3
We present you with a word document with just the written word aspect of the treatment as a first draft. At this stage we take all feedback and modify the text appropriately.

Step: 4
We send you the second draft of the text, presented in a fully designed, bespoke treatment with all of the relevant imagery, boards and designs. At this stage we look for feedback and comments on both text and design.

Step: 5
Having taken all of your feedback on text and/or design, we deliver your bespoke treatment.