Samsung: The Loneliest Boy


*while usually remaining anonymous, the below work was kindly allowed to be featured for on our website by those involved. This was a slightly different one. We were approached by Ciaran Dooley, who had been recently signed as a director to Banjoman Films, to write a treatment for him. He was going to direct a spec commercial for Samsung to showcase his work as a director and then send this on to various ad agencies etc, as a taster of what he can do. As part of this, he was going to present the idea as if he had received a pitch from an agency, and thus he needed a treatment to show his process. He had a unique idea that was inspired by the story of The Loneliest Boy in The World – a New York Times article from the 1930s about the evacuation of The Blasket Islands – But he had modernized the story to embrace the phenomenon of virality, inspired by the story of the Dancing Man and other viral sensations. We loved his idea for the piece and couldn’t wait to draft up a treatment for him.


We would normally have the client send us on any literature of briefs they had received, but as this was spec most of the details were in Ciaran’s head. This meant we had a much longer and more detailed interview than usual, where we really discussed the ins and outs of the film to get a comprehensive understanding of Ciaran’s voice and vision for the piece. We really probed him for all the minutiae about location, casting, music, tone etc. until we were satisfied that we could create the treatment Ciaran needed for The Loneliest Boy. We then went back to the offices and knocked up a quick draft and sent it over to Ciaran to make sure we were all on the same page. When he guaranteed us that we were, we went back to the desk and wrote up a presentation-quality treatment. We sent this back to Ciaran, he had a couple of changes – which we made – as soon as we were all happy it was sent off to our storyboard artist to create some original, bespoke illustrations to exemplify Ciaran’s vision. When these were done, it was all sent to our graphic designer to design the piece and include reference images Ciaran had given us and to make the piece as beautiful and presentable as we insist they all are.


Ironically, the spec piece ended up being a viral sensation, featuring on The Irish Independent, Lovin’ Dublin, etc and receiving thousands of views on both youtube and vimeo. The response on social media was unbelievably positive and we’re sure this has opened many doors for Ciaran in the commercial and film world.

  • Writer: Ross Gaynor