Nissan: No More Nice Car


*while usually remaining anonymous, the below work was kindly allowed to be featured on our website by those involved. It was around this project that the idea for TST was born. Dermot Malone of Banjoman Films needed to write a treatment for a film he was pitching to direct. He had received the script for ‘No More Nice Car’ - which dealt with bullying, sibling relationships, automobiles among other things and felt he could bring to this a unique voice . The piece was to be a more personal tale than most car campaigns, with very little VFX and a very heartfelt tone. Dermot felt he needed more a more detailed and expressive treatment than usual. A collective of creatives, led by Ross Gaynor, took Dermot's vision and helped him create his pitch document, and The Silent Treatment was born.


As a group of creatives, we sat down with Dermot and discussed his idea for the treatment. He brought us through his vision in detail and we set out to help write, structure and design this piece. With the Dictaphone on the table, we had him tell us in his own words what the piece was about. We discussed various other things, such as what music he was intending to use, if there were any references that might help us, what inspired him about the piece – and most importantly, why he was the best person for the job and what the piece meant to him. While recording the conversation, our writers also take their own notes and write down what pops for them, this is integral. The writer than combines his notes with the recorded interview and assimilates the two to write a treatment that is confidently in the directors voice. Having written and refined the first draft, we then email that off to the director for notes. Having received that we made the necessary changes and sent it back for approval. Once we got the approval, it was sent to our storyboard artist to create some bespoke images for the treatment to best reflect Dermot’s story and design ideas. Once we got the illustrations back we sent it all on to our graphic designer, with a list of reference images to include in the piece, to best give the agency a visual clue of what the piece will look like. The designer then makes the treatment look unique, stylish and original. Having received the designed treatment, we then forwarded this to Dermot for approval. In this case, no changes needed to be made and the client was delighted with what we presented him with.


Dermot pitched on the ad and despite heated competition, he was successful and directed the campaign for Nissan. NO MORE NICE CAR is an extraordinary piece – unlike any campaign you normally see on television. It had a huge viral response online and was the subject of huge praise and debate. It played cinemas all over the country and had a massive billboard campaign. Having worked so well, we decided there was a market for our service of creative collaboration and formed The Silent Treatment.